Why Choose Frontier?

At Frontier Reserve, we don’t want to be the biggest producer – we want to be the best. Our small group of ranches and feedlots has been handpicked to ensure every animal we receive meets our rigorous specifications. Then, we use a small-batch processing method to focus exclusively on quality. We’re not re-inventing quality meat production – we’re re-discovering it.
  • Natural Beef

    Our Texas Natural Beef is raised on environmentally sustainable ranches and fed only a vegetarian diet. It is also totally hormone free.
  • Wagyu Beef

    These cattle have been bred and raised on a ranch in the foothills of the Fort Davis Mountains in West Texas. They share the same genetics and traditional feeding process found with Japanese Kobe beef.
  • Wild Boar

    Our Texas Wild Boar is a true game meat. Unlike traditional, farm-raised pork, our boar is a product of the wild, offering traditional flavor of the hunt without all the camouflage.
  • Bison

    We control every aspect of our Texas-raised Bison, from ranch to plate. Our Texas Bison are fed a natural, vegetarian diet for a traditional Bison flavor. They are also hormone and anti-biotic free.
Our Products

Bringing The Ranch To Your Recipes

Custom Processing

We service numerous companies throughout the Southwest with custom programs that include custom kill, custom fabrication, custom steak cutting and custom grinding.

We process to the your needs and specification, providing you detailed yield analysis and custom labeling. At Frontier we also have the capability to custom process various species, including beef, pork, lamb, Wagyu, bison and wild boar.

We Export Globally

Frontier Reserve is USDA and EU approved. Our meat has been approved for sale in the European Union, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Columbia, Peru, Ukraine and Russia. We can also ship to other countries such as Hong Kong, Mexico, and Lebanon. We can also export Bison to Canada and the EU.

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