Texas Bison

Underrated yet loaded with flavor, Bison is naturally tender with a hint of sweetness. It is nutrient dense and has a greater concentration of protein and iron. All while containing fewer calories and fat than other meats.

  • Top Round

  • Sirloin

  • Tenderloin

  • Brisket

  • Short Rib

  • Chuck Roll

  • Knuckle

  • Shank

The Frontier Difference

We control all aspects of our Texas-raised Bison from ranch until harvest. Our Texas Bison spend the majority of their life on a pasture, enjoying a hormone-free and all-vegetarian diet. The result is a pure, traditional Bison flavor. Not to be confused with buffalo, which includes water buffalo, our bison is of true American Bison descent.

Craft Grinds

Take your recipes to another level with a craft grind of our Texas Bison. Based on your parameters, we’ll create a fresh grind and seal it in a vacuum pack that maximizes freshness. It’s even freezer ready – no need to re-wrap.

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Packaging and Delivery

Every one of our items is hand packaged specially for your order. The meat is placed in a recyclable Styrofoam box filled with a generous amount of dry ice to keep your meat cold during delivery. We then box your entire order in a manageable container ready for shipping. We guarantee that the order will remain fresh and ready for consumption, or if you prefer, ready to be chilled or refrozen, up to 4 days after leaving our offices. All of our shipping is handled by FedEx. Delivery is generally within 3 days to most locations in the continental U.S.

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