Texas Natural Beef

Because we hand select all the cattle used in our Reserve program, our Natural Beef occupies the upper 2/3 of the choice grade and higher. This ensures the highest degree of marbling and provides you with a tender, juicy and flavorful product with remarkable consistency.

  • Bone-in Sirloin

  • T-Bone

  • Ground

  • Sirloin

  • Roast

  • Filet Mignon

The Ranchers

Our Natural Beef begins with producers who are dedicated to natural protocols, sustainable ranching and humane animal practices. All of our producers provide an affidavit, ensuring all cattle were never given hormones. This provides the animal a natural maturing process and ultimately allows optimal tenderness and marbling in the meat.

The Cattle

Our cattle are raised in the Heartland of America where they can forage on natural pasture grass. They are also supplemented with a well-balanced, vegetarian diet of natural forage and grains. The cattle are then finished on a diet of natural grains for a minimum of 180 days to ensure the finest Angus beef flavor.

Craft Grinds

Take your recipes to another level with a craft grind of our Natural Beef. Based on your parameters, we’ll create a fresh grind and seal it in a vacuum pack that maximizes freshness. It’s even freezer ready – no need to re-wrap.

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Packaging and Delivery

Every one of our items is hand packaged specially for your order. The meat is placed in a recyclable Styrofoam box filled with a generous amount of dry ice to keep your meat cold during delivery. We then box your entire order in a manageable container ready for shipping. We guarantee that the order will remain fresh and ready for consumption, or if you prefer, ready to be chilled or refrozen up to 4 days after leaving our offices. All of our shipping is handled by FedEx. Delivery is generally within 3 days to most locations in the continental U.S.

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